Apply for Child Care Services

Workforce Solutions South Plains Child Care Services provide subsidized childcare assistance to eligible low- to moderate-income families within our 15 County Area.

Enrollment in the childcare program is subject to the availability of funds. The need for childcare services is great in our community; therefore, we currently maintain a list of families interested in enrolling in the childcare program. When enrollment into the program is not immediately available, we ask eligible parents to complete a pre-assessment form to be added to the interested list. At any time, parents may call our office to check on the status of enrollment.

  • Are you a resident?
  • Are you
    • a) a single parent working or in training/school at least 25 hours per week? OR
    • b) a two parent household with both parents working or in training/school a combination of at least 50 hours per week?
  • Is your gross monthly/yearly income at or below the amounts listed on the chart by family size?

*Tip: Family size includes parents and all children in the household


Family SizeMaximum Monthly Gross Income

If you answered yes to the eligibility questions, please complete the Child Care Application Form.
NOTE: You must have a valid email address to apply online.

Interested parents can also request additional information by contacting:

Workforce Solutions Child Care Services
2002 West Loop 289 Suite 117
Lubbock, TX 79407

806.744.3572 Hours: M-F, 8am – 5pm

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We're Moving!

The Workforce Solutions South Plains Lubbock office is moving to a new location. On July 2, 2018 Workforce Solutions Lubbock Workforce, Childcare, and Youth Services will move to 2002 West Loop 289 Suite 117 inside the Wayland Plaza.

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