Frequently Asked Questions

My company has never used Workforce Solutions South Plains Business Services Unit. What do I need to use your services?

All we require is a Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN). If you have a Texas UI Tax number (TWC ID) that will be included in your account setup. You can get registered in the state of Texas by going to Texas Workforce Commission or by calling the Texas Tax Office.

What kinds of services are provided by WFS South Plains Business Services Unit that are available to me as an employer?

Business Services Unit can assist with your hiring needs. We provide free job postings, recruiting, screening and the referral of job seekers to open positions. We also provide hiring events and interview rooms to assist in applicant selection. Call us today to find out how we can assist you with your business needs.

How much does Workforce Solutions South Plains Business Services Unit charge for the services they provide?

Because we are state and federally funded, there is no charge for the basic services we provide to Texas employers. The only requirement we have is that your business be registered with the federal and state government.

What do I need to do to have a hiring event for the job openings at my company?

To schedule a hiring event, contact Workforce Solutions South Plains Business Solutions. We have several facilities where these events may be scheduled.

What are my responsibilities if my company decides to have a hiring event with WFS South Plains Business Services Unit?

In an effort to secure the best results for your hiring event and to provide our Recruiters ample time to promote the event with our Job Seekers, we kindly ask that you allow at least one week for planning prior to the event date. Please note for tracking and compliance purposes you will need to provide Workforce Solutions South Plains Business Services Unit with a Hire List at the conclusion of your event.

How do I search for employees?
 We provide an Internet based matching system,, that provides a list of applicants who match your job posting requirements. Jobs can be posted online at or by our local Business Services Unit staff. On the website, you can also browse the job seeker database for potential qualified applicants.

We're Moving!

The Workforce Solutions South Plains Lubbock office is moving to a new location. On July 2, 2018 Workforce Solutions Lubbock Workforce, Childcare, and Youth Services will move to 2002 West Loop 289 Suite 117 inside the Wayland Plaza.

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